Wednesday, March 28, 2012


If you've been to Kome before, and managed to navigate your way around the building to our unique side door, then you've been treated upon entry to a lively chorus of "irrashaimase!" from the servers and the sushi bar. If being shouted at by a room of strangers gave you a bit of a start on your first visit, we apologize, we know it is not typical of an American restaurant.Irrashaimase means welcome in Japanese, and by shouting it to every customer we hope to convey the same friendly Japanese hospitality you will receive at every bar, restaurant,izakaya, and noodle shop in Japan.

As one of the few Austin Japanese restaurants owned and operated by a Japanese couple, Kome hopes to introduce our customers to lesser-known aspects of Japanese culture, and starting a blog seemed like a natural extension of that. On this blog, we will be posting Japanese etiquette how-to's (did you know you are supposed to slurp your noodles?), information on Japanese holidays (Girl's Day just passed, day-to-day goings-on at the restaurant, and more.

So, irrashaimase, welcome to Kome's new blog!